Why would someone choose to meditate?   For the same reason one would choose to drink water.   Water restores what is needed and flushes toxins from the body.   Meditation restores what is needed and flushes toxins from the psyche.

Human problems distill down to two things: fear of separation from Source and fear of separation from one another.  Therefore, all human problems can be solved by focusing on Love and Trust, knowing that there is no separation from Source and there is no separation from one another.   Allow the light to shine in both directions.   Focus on Love and Trust.   These beliefs and behaviors ameliorate situations.

Sanctify the inner vessel, transform the outer appearance.   What we are doing in meditation, quite simply, is creating a clean slate on which to work.  It's easier to do math problems with a clean slate, easier to make a meal with a clean counter.   As we become more interested in what is infinite and eternal and less interested in the human mind and its vicissitudes, we are clearing the clouded glass that is our human being.   The clearer the glass, the more light that can penetrate it, in both directions. 

In addition to the Guided Meditation CD, MP3 and products listed, I also offer specialized affirmations and guided meditations to suit individual needs and circumstances.  Also, if you like to listen to French, I offer the above, speaking in French, if you like.  Please contact me at contact@essasky.com to make arrangements.  One on-one happiness coaching and/or altruism coaching is also available. I can teach you to overcome old and new fears and stressors so that you can enjoy your life more and express more love, wisdom and service.

Wishing you love and peace in your life,

Essa Sky

"Allow the Light to Shine in Both Directions"